TypeOnline Course
DateAug 3, 2020
Student Enrolled279
Section 1Introduction to the programme
Section 2Welcome to the Course
Lecture 2Welcome to the Help Quit
Lecture 3Pretest quiz
Section 31st Module- Introduction to Tobacco epidemic and the driving forces
Lecture 4Welcome to Module 1
Lecture 5What is tobacco?
Lecture 6What is tobacco industry? (who, how powerful)
Lecture 7Tobacco industry as the vector of tobacco epidemic
Lecture 8Epidemiology and current trends
Lecture 9Sri Lankan context
Lecture 10Common tactics of tobacco industry
Lecture 11Response to the tobacco epidemic –WHO FCTC and other stakeholders
Lecture 12Tobacco industry monitoring and CCT
Section Quiz
Section 42nd Module -The bio-psychosocial model of tobacco addiction and impacts of tobacco use
Lecture 13Welcome to the module 2
Lecture 14Biology, psychology and sociology of tobacco addiction
Lecture 15Role of industry in tobacco addiction
Lecture 16Impacts of tobacco addction
Lecture 17Smokeless tobacco and its impact on health
Lecture 18Impact of tobacco smoking - pediatric point of view and what you should now as a doctor
Lecture 19Tobacco smoking and economy
Lecture 20Psycological Impact
Lecture 21Optional Component
Lecture 22Impact on physical health
Lecture 23Effects on Respiratory system
Lecture 24Smoking effect on reproductive health
Lecture 25Social Impact
Lecture 26Financial impact-optional
Section Quiz
Section 53rd Module -Practical approach to tobacco cessation in clinical settings
Lecture 27Welcome to module 3
Lecture 28Practical real world approach
Lecture 29Pharmacological interventions
Lecture 30Psychological interventions
Lecture 31Social interventions
Lecture 32Application of evidence-based interventions in real clinical settings
Lecture 33Role play 1 - Patient with a good insight
Lecture 34Role play 2 - Patient with smoking realted disease
Lecture 35Role play 3 - smoker with non smoking related disease
Lecture 36Insights from people who did it!!!
Lecture 37Insights from the professionals
Section Quiz
Section 64th module
Lecture 38Course evaluation feedback form
Lecture 39Zoom - Q and A

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